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story of our candle brand

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Light up the candle, master your soul and mind.

Welcome to the world of candles. We are hand-poured soywax candle brand in Hong Kong. We hope to comfort your mind and soul through our candle with high-quality ingredients.

As a candle artist, aroma lover, as well as yoga practitioner, the founder of Ember Lab, has designed a candle series combining the concept of yoga and aromatherapy.

Our candles are made with natural soywax blended with 100% essential oil, hand-poured in Hong Kong. Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts and can be used in aromatherapy. Our candles mean to comfort your soul and mind, and hence to bring you peace and harmony.


May all of you be flexible in mind and body. May everyone find peace and harmony within. May all beings be happy and free.

Our workshops-
The beauty of handcraft


Apart from candle products, we offer workshops for candle making as well.

Many of you might only see candles presented in containers as most products are established in the market.

The fact is, wax and candle are actually more capable than you think, they can be any form and style…….


In our workshops, there will be more about the creative and artistic side of candles.

But no worries, the level is suitable for everyone even you are a newbie. We prepare all the materials and tools for you. Our instructor will teach you from zero to make your one and only presentation.

Our workshop will be your great idea no matter you are looking for a unique gift for your special one or space/some quiet time to escape from busy work.


Our workshops are suitable for those looking for couple dating, friends/ family gathering activities. You will have a great experience by spending time together with your loved ones in our comfy studio.


Let’s explore the art of candles!



If you are looking for company team-building activity/ private group workshop/ bridge party, we are also your best choice!

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