Note Profile:
Top: Lime, Sea Salt, Ozone
Middle: Guava, Orange
Base: Tequila, Agave, Sugar


Our Margarita fragrance is an energizing burst of sweet, salty, and tart citrus with a shot of tequila.


Immerse yourself in the feeling of a sizzling hot day with fresh squeezed lime, coarse sea salt, and ozonic airy top notes. Middle notes of tropical guava and juicy orange serve as the orange liqueur part of the margarita, while the base notes of sugar and agave nectar smooth out the tequila.


Candles and wax melts made with Margarita will transport you to a poolside cabana.


This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including lemongrass, petitgrain, and clove leaf.

Margarita (pottery container)

價格自 HK$179.00
  • 日式陶瓷製品一直受親睞,這次我們選用了帶日式風格的黑陶瓷容器作蠟燭容器。 融合了日本的質樸,禪意風格。
    除了簡約的外觀吸晴外, 亦比一般市面上的玻璃容器更堅固。

    180g | Burn time approx. 38hrs


    a blend of soy wax, fragrance and essential oils